Chimney Sweep

Kembers Embers provide chimney and flue cleaning services for all types of fires including wood burners, lined or unlined multi fuel stoves, open fires, biomass and wood pellet boilers, Rayburn, AGA and more.

Why Use Kembers Embers?

I offer a friendly and professional service, treating your home with respect and taking every precaution to leave it free from dust and soot. Your flue system will be comprehensively cleaned, taking the time to complete the service properly (no 20 minute jobs!).

I'm fully insured and offer a thorough and honest service.

I am proud of the after care which I offer and pleased to give guidance on how to maintain your fire in the safest and most efficient way. I'll happily offer ongoing advice throughout the year.

I use traditional brushes which are handmade in the UK and designed to be safe on your chimney's lining. I also use a powerful, HEPA filtration, dust extraction system to help ensure mess is kept to an absolute minimum whilst in your home.

I'm fully qualified and have been expertly trained to UK industry standards. I offer certification after each sweep if required for insurance purposes or for general peace of mind.

I have links with first rate, local companies and am happy to recommend services including quality firewood stockists and reputable stove specialists/installers.

The Importance of Chimney Sweeping

At the right temperature, soot, tar and creosote can ignite which is why it is vitally important to have your chimney swept by a competent sweep who uses the correct equipment and cleans the entire length of the flue system. Chimney fires can spread quickly through your home putting property, livelihoods and your loved ones in danger.

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Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer: it has no colour, taste or smell. Even low levels of Carbon Monoxide can lead to permanent ill-health or death, especially in children. The early symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning can easily be mistaken for 'flu. They include nausea, headaches, tiredness, dizziness and pains in the stomach or chest. Look out for sooting or staining around your appliance: it is a sign of inadequate venting of gases.

It is vital that appliances are properly installed and serviced and have sufficient ventilation. I also strongly recommend the installation of a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home.


Standard sweep £50 (maximum duration of one hour per chimney).

If I do run into any problems and extra work is necessary then an additional £20 per half hour is charged. You will be notified beforehand if this is likely to be the case.

Examples of a non standard sweep include removal of bird nests, removal of heavy deposits of soot due to lack of regular sweeping, sweeping of unlined stoves where access is gained through a register plate which requires cleaning.

10% discount for spring jobs (April - July).

10% discount for block bookings (neighbours on same road booking together).

Carbon monoxide detectors provided and fitted £25.


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